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"Whoever receives one child such as this in my name receives me." - Matthew 8:15
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Prayers and help are desperately needed
Sierra Leone is in a dire situation

The ebola crisis continues in Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone now has the largest amount of cases. The fragile healthcare system has been unable to cope with the situation in an effective way. Over 10% of the country’s doctors have died from the disease.
Louisa’s prayer: Thank you Lord for given me another brown new day that is full of hope, faith, joy and blessing. Lord you are my rock and my strength, you are my fortress I will continue to worship and lean on you cos you will never forsake. I love you lord with all my strength, all might and soul taken to the last breath that I shall breath

*Louisa writes:
Sept 9
I just want to appreciate God for not letting me travelled out of this country, Now the situation is getting really tough you know the Ebola virus has hit Freetown seriously in the past 7 days. If I would have traveled I would not have known peace, I will be thinking how they are doing and what is their state especially joyful Joseph you know, he is a very lovely boy, I love them all but I concern for him more because he is the youngest. But so far we are all safe and I thank God . To worsen the situation they are going to band all bike riders, all commercial motor riders from plying the country until further notice because they have noticed that these set of people are one of the vulnerable groups and over 36 drivers and 40 motor bikers have died of the disease. Please we need your prayers. Please at the fund raising please tell them we desperately need vihecle. Because we are strongly praying for this virus thing to end if not, I can't predict the outcome by touching each other is a total risk. I cannot move, we are in constant fear.please pray for us

Sept 25
Now the virus is becoming stubborn em after the three days it has spread very strongly in Bombali District, Portloko District, Kambia District and Moyamba District In fact these four district has been quarantine today This shows that while old spots are coming down new sports are going up with high number it is now becoming very stubborn

Oct 12
The Ebola burial teams in Freetown and its surroundings are on an indefinite strike over non-payment of their $ 100 weekly pay which they say they are owed for two weeks. There were no burials today and their are piles of bodies in Waterloo and its environs.

Oct. 13
Everyone is afraid of what to do and what not to do. Fear creap in our soul. We've suspended all movement with the community no one comes in and we don't visit the either, no water fetching. The chicken have not yet start laying eggs but we find it difficult to get their feed no transportation unless we have to hire a whole vihecle. We help a woman who gave birth at the home she is here with us. The Government officials meet us today to admits orphans and once victim of Ebola. What I mean is this their parents died of the virus and they were also once victims but saved. They have children from 2months up wards. This is heavy I don't know what to say looking at my children and looking at the suffering of these affected children my heart goes like lead. I did not give them an answer because I want God to intervene for us. Mom I am dom. The rest of today my heart goes bitter when I heard this because I can't trade my children lives at the same time I feel for this children. My question is these children will they not catch the virus again? Are they totally free? What should I do? I am afraid at the same time confused

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Oct. 15
The officials have not call on me yet. I supposed to have a meeting with them but non of them shows up so I guess they have forgotten about us. Thank God for that.

December 10
I bring you Advent greeting from Saviour of the world Children, workers and my family, though my country is facing a critical and frightened situations but yet we keep the hope and pray that it will come to an end soon. I want to extend our profound thanks and appreciation to you all for your remarkable support you have being rendering to us and more especially in this critical time. I want to confess we are safe because of you. I want to also thank God for our community, my family and my children and workers that none have got a case. The lockdown has now ended, but we are still frightened. One should always be frightened of the virus if your community, close family, household, neighbour, or friend has contacted the virus in that case you are not innocent because one way or the other you have come in contact with the virus also. The best we have done so far to prevent it is that we visit no one, we welcome no friends no relatives, we even isolate ourselves from the community because this is a crucial time were in you trust no one and we pray for Gods protection over our lives and we also wants to thank you all for your wonderful. Since the ebola crisis the food prices has gone up so we were not able to pay our workers for this December. They have families and need to survive. The children are having a cold and sad atmosphere since July and as children, nature and corruption has deprived them from their childhood rights which is very sad. As a result of this unfortunate situation we will try getting them new dress for Christmas as gifts with what ever supports you will send for them to feel belong and then a Christmas dinner to eat. This is what we are planing for Christmass. During the lockdown the children and I cannot attend Mass but now I am going but I only and did not go with any of the children. The priest is also not coming to the home now. We do not know what we will do for Christmas Mass. want to also extend our profound appreciation for the support you give us as I am told we are closer to having enough money to obtain a vehicle because we needed it badly at this time. We are saying a big thanks. i thank you all may God guide and protect all.

December 31
We most thank God for his hand of protection over us as every one is fine. Well for the ebola the results are still fluctuating but they are not as high as before were we used to stay in the hundreds and nineties. the countries economy has gone worse than before and so prices of things are just switching up. the schools refuse to open. but I still say Thank God. And thank you too

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