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"Whoever receives one child such as this in my name receives me." - Matthew 8:15
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Prayers and help are desperately needed
Sierra Leone is in a dire situation

The cases of ebola are increasing within Sierra Leone. The deadly disease is all around the Savior of the World home. Healthcare in Sierra Leone was never up-to-date or adequate. After the war, it was even worse. Now with ebola, it is overwhelmed. There simply isn't enough hospital beds, healthcare workers, or equipment to properly handle the epidemic.

*Louisa writes:
Sept 9
I just want to appreciate God for not letting me travelled out of this country, Now the situation is getting really tough you know the Ebola virus has hit Freetown seriously in the past 7 days. If I would have traveled I would not have known peace, I will be thinking how they are doing and what is their state especially joyful Joseph you know, he is a very lovely boy, I love them all but I concern for him more because he is the youngest. But so far we are all safe and I thank God . To worsen the situation they are going to band all bike riders, all commercial motor riders from plying the country until further notice because they have noticed that these set of people are one of the vulnerable groups and over 36 drivers and 40 motor bikers have died of the disease. Please we need your prayers. Please at the fund raising please tell them we desperately need vihecle. Because we are strongly praying for this virus thing to end if not, I can't predict the outcome by touching each other is a total risk. I cannot move, we are in constant fear.please pray for us

Sept 12
The two medical hospitals at the Waterloo community has been Quarantine,. So far we just need prayers because if any one is sick and you don't have private doctor or hospital or you don't have the money to pay the hospital bills you will die. All quarantine hospitals are hospitals that have Ebola patients. According today's news papers Waterloo is at the lead with the virus. No school until further notice. Nothing is working. the news is that nurses and medical practitioners are going on a strick and if that happens who will take care of the sick and the effected. We presently live by the grace of God and by his mercies. No one is capable and ready to take the risk this is because no body will trade his or her life for someone. There is no second Jesus. We need prayers. Because flights are not flying in and ships are not allowed to embark, the prices of things has gone up you either pay the high price and get the goods or you give the low price and they tell you the good is finish


Sept 25
Now the virus is becoming stubborn em after the three days it has spread very strongly in Bombali District, Portloko District, Kambia District and Moyamba District In fact these four district has been quarantine today This shows that while old spots are coming down new sports are going up with high number it is now becoming very stubborn

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